Thursday, 29 May 2008

Celebrity Sighting #1

Traveller has touted Maida Vale as being the place to spot celebrities in suburban London, and tonight, she saw her first!

Whilst having a drink at 'The Warrington' with some friends, it was impossible not to notice the gorgeous Australian actress - Abbie Cornish. The star of many notable films (notable more for their rich content, rather then their box office success) was enjoying a drink at our local!

The night's significance suddenly increased as Traveller and friends reflected on how stunningly cool they must be, to be hanging out at a watering hole that catered to 'the stars'.

It just keeps getting better in W9.....

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Let the travelling begin.......

Those of you who have followed this blog since the beginning of the year are probably beginning to wonder when Traveller's next adventure is. Traveller as a name is becoming fairly arbitrary when all the places she has been so far come down to the two B's - Britain and Belgium.

Well, don't be alarmed, all of this is about to change! Traveller and her hubbie are feeling quite settled in the UK and are now ready to see even more of the world. For the last couple of months, T has been busy planning the next three trips: Bath, Italy and Paris. We are going to Bath this weekend (it is a long weekend in the UK), Italy for two and a half weeks in June/July and then Paris for a long weekend in August.

With these three trips to plan, Traveller has begun to realise that planning an itinerary for a trip can be a full-time job. And, just between you and her, she has been very grateful for the access to the internet she has during work hours! Planning a two and a half week trip includes hours of researching, and then the booking of flights, of BnB's, of the Eurostar, of theatre tickets, of popular museums & galleries, of restaurants and of rent-a-cars only takes more time! Though, T wouldn't dare complain about such a task.

The itinerary planning and trip researching only became more complex when yesterday a budget airline announced that they were selling cheap flights until midnight. Hubbie was very excited and ready to dedicate the entire evening to flight searching and booking. Traveller, who was a little weary of flight searching, happily looked over hubbie's shoulder as he tapped away on his laptop.

It is necessary to say that over the last few months, T & H have developed a love/hate relationship with RyanAir (the budget airline). The flights always appear to be very cheap - however, the price does not usually include taxes, baggage or even checking in! As this was the case, Traveller spent much of the evening consoling Hubbie as he became increasingly frustrated with the site. However, with persistence and determination generally comes a reward and by midnight, Hubbie had booked FOUR trips! And that's only in September and October! We now have Bath in May, Italy in June/July, Paris in August, Oslo in September, Stockholm in September, Berlin in October and finally, a little closer, Dublin in October as well! We are going to be well-travelled (and perhaps a little weary) come this October!

If you are now not concerned for our travelling, but more for our empty pockets - do not fear - RyanAir put forward some amazing deals. We paid for all four trips what a friend paid for two Eurostar tickets to Paris! Let's hear it ---- bargain!

So, as the travelling begins, Traveller is learning one of life's great lessons - the art of organisation! It had to happen sometime, and T is so happy that she is able to enjoy Europe as a result of her new found skill! .......let's give it up for RyanAir...!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

A Marvellous May Weekend

As the long weekend loomed around the corner, all Londoner's braced themselves for a gloomy three days. It had rained all week, had been unseasonably cold and apparently more of the same was promised for the weekend. In particular, it was going to pour on May Day - which is Traveller's birthday.

However, as weary city dwellers opened their blinds on Saturday morning, you could practically hear a resounding rejoice throughout the city. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and every man and his dog were out running along the glimmering pavement. Hooray - spring has arrived at last! Traveller, of course, took this moment to go for a run and bask in the Vitamin D filled rays of sunlight. Bliss!
This morning run kicked off a packed weekend for Traveller and her hubbie. They had made various engagements which began with an outing to 'Carwash' (a 70's/80's nightclub where fancy dress is a must) and culminated in a joint birthday picnic with Traveller's flattie who was born on the same day - albeit a year apart.
The 'Carwash' experience was one of Traveller's highlights of London so far - it wasn't so much the nightclub but more the shopping for what to wear! Vintage stores in London are so much more aptly fitted out for such occasions! There were endless amounts of flares, wigs, frocks and vests - all completely retro and still at op-shop prices. Pictured is one of Traveller's favourite items - a 60's style swimming cap - very groovy!
Seriously, Traveller and hubby could have spent hours in this store - poring over endless amounts of forgotten treasures. However, they had to get home and get themselves ready for the big event. They were going to the club to help their flatmate celebrate her birthday with her friends.

Needless to say, we received many comments on the tube, whilst travelling to our destination.

Traveller's most memborable long weekend moment was the picnic at Regent's Park on May Day. We had held out hope all week that a miracle would occur and the rain would stop and had, as a result, come up with no plan B. This, however, proved to be a good thing as Monday was London's warmest day for 2008 and there was not a cloud in the sky! It was Traveller's first London birthday and it couldn't have been celebrated in a more delightful way - friends, food, football and fabulous sunny weather!

Ah Traveller is so grateful for the friends and family here, and the friends and family in OZ who have helped her celebrate her birthday - it was a super day!


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