Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Paris, Je t'aime!

Traveller and hubbie's Eurostar trip to Paris finally rolled around on the English long-weekend in August. T could not have been more excited - the thought of Parisian food, landmarks and hot-spots was too much! To put the icing on the cake, T and hubbie's French friend, Stephanie was putting them up for the weekend and being their own personal tour guide...c'est bon!

T's Favourite Parisian Moments....

* Travelling by the Eurostar - there really is no other way. A ten minute ride to St. Pancras International at King's Cross Station and then a two hour trip on the train, and you're in the middle of Paris.

* Being driven around the city by our guide - it gave a really clear view of Paris and where all the key sights are...and made us feel very Parisian!

* Having a drink at a terrace bar overlooking the Eiffel Tower and gazing at it all afternoon...

* Touring The Lourve - seeing the Mona Lisa is a must but it definitely isn't the only thing you should see. Many amazing paintings and sculptures are up for viewing.

* Walking around the streets of Montmarte and being reminded of one of our favourite French films - Amelie.

* Having dinner with (and staying with) our gracious hosts - Stephanie's grandparents. They cooked us a feast to be remembered! We began with champagne (of course) and then proceeded to make our way through three courses. We began with Roasted Guinea fowl accompanied by French beans, potatoes and wine. Then we moved on to the famous French cheese - Brie and Gruyere - which was amazing, easily the best cheese T has ever tasted! Then the meal was complete with a lovely fruit salad of all sorts of exotic fruits... yum!

Overall, it was our favourite weekend trip so far - there was so much to see, eat and experience. T and hubs now officially LOVE Paris and can't wait to go back.

A boat cruise looking at all the famous sights, such as Notre Dame....

Stephanie's lovely grandparents!

The beginnings of our french feast......

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