Thursday, 25 November 2010

15 again.

Today, Traveller is going by familiar monikers such as brace face, train tracks,
metal mouth or, as her darling brother so aptly coined, The Grill.

Yep, you guessed right, T has transported herself back in time to that glorious {torturous} moment in her teens where her mouth was full of metal. You see, her pearly whites had started to shift and T decided to nip it in the bud quickly...

The positives?

Orthodontists are so different now! The braces only took 30 minutes to fit and it wasn't anywhere near as uncomfortable as T remembered.

T's orthodontist had a plasma television on the ceiling showing music videos to distract her from any discomfort... {very swish}

The brackets and wire are white so they aren't quite as noticeable...

It should only take a short amount of time: the orthodontist said six to eight weeks!

The negatives?

The picture below is of the many pieces of orthodontic paraphernalia that she was given today...


Three toothbrushes? Really?

It is now going to take at least 15 minutes to clean her teeth!

Pictures of The Grill to come...

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Confession Time.

It appears that Traveller is something of a royalist.

For many of you, the date -29th April 2011- will conjure up nothing more than images of spring time (or autumn, for the Aussies) but for Traveller, it is the source of serious excitement.

Not only will she score an extra public {bank} holiday but T will also be able to witness a significant moment in the history of Britain's monarchy - a royal wedding! However, while Traveller lives in a flat full of Brits, she seems to be the only member poring over news article after news article scouring it for dress, date and venue details. It would seem a confession is in order:

T loves her a royal wedding!

Now there are plenty of naysayers out there who are already bemoaning the loss of tax payer's money and who are calling the bride-to-be a social climber {from a family of social climbers} but to them, T says, 'Sshhhh. Enjoy the holiday and admire the pretty people in the pretty clothes'.

T knows she sure will be.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The 'hood.

This is Traveller's third proper fall in a row and, despite the fact that it's starting to get cold, she still loves it.

She especially loves her pretty little London neighbourhood...












That's all.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Commercial Love.

Traveller is loving this new T Mobile commerical shot at Heathrow Airport...

Mum and Dad, do you think you could organise a similar welcoming for when T finally arrives back in OZ?

Monday, 1 November 2010

The truth really does stink.


The souks (markets) in Marrakech are filled with beautiful leather goods, ceramics, scarves and much more. One of T's favourite things to do whilst she was in Marrakech was to barter - there is nothing more invigorating than skilfully and successfully agreeing on a price that is 1/2 {or less} of the original asking price.

It's all down to one's unwillingness to budge.

The one sad reality that Traveller learnt upon arriving back in Britain was that the bags she bartered so persistently for actually really smell. Like really.

It's a mixture between old goat and camel and something else less appealing that Traveller really can't bring herself to type.

As a result, T currently has three very beautiful bags that are hiding in the broom closet in order to protect T from their overpowering stench.

Heart-breaking stuff for Traveller but good news for you - now you can spare yourself from making the same rookie error if you travel to Marrakech!


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