Sunday, 1 November 2009


Traveller has had many exciting and fun adventures over her half-term break. Catching up with 'best gal' was superb and much-needed. One of the most memorable things they did {along with both husbands and another couple} was satiate T's need for travel. We went on a group road trip to Normandy, France and it was fantastic!

We all managed to squeeze into a Volkswagon 'Touran' - a 7 seater car - and yes, T, being the shortest, was in the back seat most of the time! We drove to Normandy via Dover where we caught the ferry to Callais and then drove on to Bayeux. Traveller is a big fan of road-trips. The singing. The emergency bathroom pit-stops. The guilty McDonald's meals. The endless supply of chocolate. The inane car games that just keep going and going. Nothing beats a group road-trip!

Bayeux is a gorgeous little town in Normandy, which is not only beautiful but a great jumping off point for most tourist tick-the-box-hot-spots. We spent one day visiting the D-Day beaches and memorials which were quite sombering and brought World War II to life. The next day we spent visiting the Mt. St. Michel which was quite breath-taking from a distance, but a little bit of a tourist-trap once there. T felt disappointed, although, husband managed to withstand a tremendous queue for the Abbey and he said that this was quite spectacular.

The rest of our time was spent visiting markets, eating French food and drinking French wine. It was a memorable trip, made even more momentous by the company of friends and the consumption of extraordinary French food.

The climb into the back seat

The incredibly large bathroom at the Hotel de Saint Croix

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jen laceda said...

I've not been to Mont St Michel and would love to go there!!


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