Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A Norweigan Adventure

Earlier this month, Traveller and her hubbie had the delightful opportunity to visit the Norweigan capital - Oslo- for a whirlwind weekend getaway. Now many of you may not have even considered Oslo as a city worth a visit during a European holiday but - T assures you - it is fabulous!

Now firstly, T must explain the nature of a 'whirlwind' weekend getaway. T and hub awoke at the unseemly hour of 3am, to make it into to Oslo by around 10am on a Saturday morning. They then flew home late the following evening! This may all seem a bit much but it was well worth it!

The first thing that T and hubbie noticed about Oslo was that it was a beautiful city. The most beautiful part about it was that it is set at the very end of the Norweigan Fjords - and is thus, close to the mountains and the water.

Most interesting food - Reindeer Cakes

The first thing that Hubbie likes to do when visiting a new country is to find the most strange and interesting part of local cuisine and dig in. Oslo was no different. Upon arriving in the capital, we located a restaurant that served traditional Norweigan food, and Hubbie helped himself to Reindeer Cakes (kind of like meatballs). T wasn't quite so brave, and instead partook in an omelette!

Most appreciated part of the city infrastructure- transport!

Bike, ferry, bus, tram or train? These five modes of transport which are clean, fast and on-time ensure that you can get anywhere in Oslo very easily! T and hubbie loved the simple transport system in Oslo, it made seeing all the hot-spots super easy. (Puts the Gold Coast to shame!)

Eye-opening Moment

Oslo is host to Holmenkollen Ski Jump - a ski jump which was used for the Winter Olympics in 1952. The ski jump is found a few tram stops out of the city and, once having taking a trip in an elevator, you see just how steep a jump it is. The ski jump is host to some of the best views of Oslo and the Fjords that you can come across.

Best European Park (so far!) - Frognerparken

Frognerparken is host to the Vigeland Sculpture Park which features many sculptures by a Norweigan sculpture artist named Gustav Vigeland. The sculptures are wonderfully interesting and the park is beautiful.

First, and thus favourite castle - Akershus Castle and Fortress

It is hard to believe that after 8 months in London, T and hubs have only visited one castle. We are sure that there are more to come! The Akershus Castle and Fortress was built in the 1200s and is home to a beautiful view of the Oslofjord.

There are countless musueums, exhibitions and monuments worth visiting in Oslo - T and hubs had one of their best weekends so far touring this beautiful city and enjoying their first visit to a Scandinavian country.

Next stop: Berlin!

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