Saturday, 26 February 2011


Traveller loves this post from the Sartorialist.

The segway and the fashionable Milanese gentleman seem so comically incongruous.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Traveller has come to the realisation that she may be, well, just a little crazy.

Scratch that.

She's definitely a little crazy.

You see, she has signed up for a sprint-triathlon; a race which requires her to swim, cycle and run one after the other.

The run is definitely manageable; at only 5k, it's much less than the half-marathon she completed last year. She's trying not to think about the fact that this will mean that people will be running quickly, leaving Traveller for dust.

The swim's distance (750m) is not too bad; T is a little nervous, however, about drowning at the hands of crazed triathletes who may swim over her, dunk her or pull her little ankles. T's watched women's water polo - she knows what girls can be like in the water!

The ride, however, is a major cause for concern. Problem number one being that Traveller doesn't even own a bike! Problem number two: at twenty kilometers, it is the longest leg of the competition and T's least-experienced-area.

Other matters keeping Traveller up at night:

sports bras under a swim suit - yes or no?
{she's thinking yes}

dry off or start cycling wet?

bike pants over swimmers in water?
{remember afore mentioned drowning concerns...}

How will T's little legs even be able to run after riding for twenty kilometers?!

It should be interesting.

Luckily, T has a few months to prepare (the race isn't until May 22nd) and she's already thinking about how bikini ready she'll be by summer...
there has to be some benefit to all these hours of training, right?

Anyone out there crazy enough to have completed one of these races before? Do tell!



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