Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hard Day's Work.


Teaching, marking, writing reports... or white water rafting in Italy?

Don't have to ask T twice!

This was the boys' favourite activity and it was pretty high on the list for T as well. The rapids were fun and frequent but not too scary and the weather and location were pretty perfect.






Funniest part?

We rafted the whole day with two hours in between for lunch and the boys were instructed to drink about a litre of water over lunch to make sure they were hydrated. Before they were suited up again, T warned them all to visit the bathroom. Half an hour later, T was faced by a panicking boy and the following conversation:

Miss, Miss, please help me take off my life-jacket, I need to go to the toilet.

Sure, sure; you know, I did tell you boys to go before...

I did! I need to go again!

{both T and boy are working quickly to release him from the sticky, wet jacket}

Oh no, Miss! I'm going to go....I can't hold it! It's happening!

Needless to say, the poor kid didn't live that down for the entire trip.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Pizza love.

T's back from her adventure.

Best. School. Trip. Ever.

The evidence speaks for itself; here's a photograph from their night out in the Italian Alps at a local pizzeria. They were in a teeny town called Villeneuve where little English was spoken and the pizzas cost around four euro.

Besides food, the adventure had it all - sunshine, hot temperatures and the beautiful backdrops of the Italian Alps and the south of France.

Friday, 10 June 2011


Today, Traveller is heading off on another overseas adventure - this time on a school trip!

This is quite possibly the biggest perk that T has experienced from her time teaching in England. T, along with the games teacher and organiser, is taking her Prep Eight boys to Italy and France on an adventure trip!

They will first stop in Villeneuve in Italy to mountain climb, go white-water rafting and abseil (among other things) and then they are heading to the Ardeche, in the south of France to complete a 2-day descent in canoes!

T, while a little nervous at the prospect of being around 13-year-old boys for over a week, is quite excited!

She may be able to blog on the road at some stage but if not, there'll be plenty of stories and pictures upon her return.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


The age 30 is quite a milestone.

For some, it can be an age that comes exactly as they have all their so-called ducks in a row.

For others, it can be a flashing beacon highlighting all the ducks that aren't in a row... or anywhere near a row, for that matter.

For Traveller, it was a very good excuse to get together her lovely London friends and enjoy a weekend in sunny Spain.

Last weekend, T and a few friends headed to Majorca (in the Balearic islands) for four nights of sun, surf and yummy Mediterranean food. T and RF spent many hours trying to find the best possible spot in Majorca and together they found a villa in Cala Santanyi which was beyond perfect and close to many beautiful, sometimes secluded, beaches.



One of the best moments was when they saw the villa for the first time and spent quite a few minutes jumping around, ecstatic at how pretty it was (it even had a pool which lit up at night!).





Another was the amazing fresh produce we found at the local farmers' markets - there was an endless supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and cheese.





The beaches were, needless to say, phenomenal.

Traveller and her friends spent the majority of their time swimming and laying by the beautiful beaches.


The most memorable moment?

A late night game of Marco Polo and Battleships and Submarines in the pool - fully clothed.

If the weekend in Majorca is any indication - 30 is going to be the best decade yet!

Friday, 3 June 2011


You know you haven't blogged in a while when you panic slightly at being asked for a password by blogger!

It has been months since Traveller has blogged and, while she's had her reasons, she's back now to document a few of the fun things that have happened and has plans to stay...

1. Traveller miraculously completed her first sprint-triathlon.

Traveller has never been so nervous before a race; she was worried about crashing, about getting a flat tyre, about running out of energy and even about the nasty hill that she had to cycle up 9 times. All that worry was for nothing though - T loved doing the sprint and, while it was hard work, it was strangely addictive. There are plans in the making for a second - this time in open water!

2. T's brother came to London!

Traveller's brother from OZ visited London and for the first time since they can remember, Tand her two brothers (one already lives in London) spent time together. They visited museums, ate lots of food, toured London and T was even taken to see Keira Knightley and Elizabeth Moss in 'The Children's Hour'. T had the best time!

3. The Royal Wedding

Traveller was able to experience her first royal wedding in London and joined the crowd of millions to cheer on Wills and Kate as they said, 'I do'. Traveller woke up very early and made her way to Hyde Park for 7am to secure a big space for her and some friends. The atmosphere was phenomenal and sitting in Hyde Park cheering on the royal family and singing along to the wedding songs with so many others is one of Traveller's most treasured memories from London town. Traveller's favourite part of the day was when a live band started up in Hyde Park and the whole crowd started dancing.

4. Traveller turned the big 3-0 (eek!)

The celebrations lasting all month long! There was a dinner, a trip to the theatre to see 'Clybourne Park' (perhaps one of the best plays she has ever seen), a viewing of the stage musical 'Dirty Dancing' (so so much fun!) and a trip to Majorca (more on that to come!) It was the best birthday ever and Traveller feels beyond lucky to have such lovely friends.


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