Sunday, 28 February 2010

Traveller's latest adventure.

This last three weeks have been busy!
Traveller has seen two sets of parents: husband's parents and her own.

She has visited Prague, Vienna, Salzburg and Kitzbuhel.

T has eaten numerous delicious meals, seen many wondrous sights and had lovely company through it all.

And now, after a relaxing weekend, she has caught up on such much needed sleep!

Here are some photos of T's time in Prague.

We loved: the Prague castle, the food and David Cerny's famous sculptures (of which you can see a few below).
Things we could have done without: the sub-zero temperatures!
(although it did mean many a glass of gluhwein)

T's favourite Cerny sculpture is of the two naked men - not for unsavoury reasons - but because if you sms'd a number, they would spell out a quotation or a name with their wee! How hilariously kitsch!












Next stop: Vienna!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Here's to another year.





Recently, running friend celebrated her birthday.

We helped her enjoy this special occasion by joining her at the Smithfield Bar & Grill in London's meatpacking district.

It was a lovely night filled with delicious food, friends and good conversation.

RF: London simply wouldn't be the same without you.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Husband's parents arrived from Australia on Monday.

We came home to find this extraordinary array of Australian delights on our dining table.

Oh, Cadbury Dairy Milk Strawberry Egg - T loves you.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Taking to the skies.

In just over a week, Traveller {and husband} are going on their next European adventure!

Husband's parents are arriving on Monday from Australia and whisking us away to Prague, Vienna, Salzburg and a little Austrian ski resort!

Traveller is {to use a North London expression} well excited.

It has been almost a year since we have seen them, so husband and T can't wait to show them our little London home and fave hot-spots.

photo via weheartit

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

In need of a little inspiration....

Traveller has been an English and drama teacher for four and a half years and has had many interesting, hilarious and memorable experiences.

She has, at times, loved her job.
And, at other, less favourable times, she has likened it to a visit to the dentist: painful and damaging to the bank account.

Currently, she works with boys. Prep school boys. They are young, boisterous, well-mannered and interested {mostly}. They come from all parts of the globe and are very well-travelled.

They are generally a pleasure to teach.
Nevertheless, Traveller sometimes feels exhausted.
Not just tired, but exhausted of creativity, warmth and compassion.

Traveller imagines that most people feel like this in their chosen profession at some stage.

Any wise words?
Any tales of fabulous, inspiring teachers to motivate Traveller?
And for those teachers out there: any triumphant lesson stories?

photo via weheartit

Monday, 1 February 2010

A cupcake or two.

Jaime & Dana



Photobucket Recently, Traveller and running friend put their baking skills to the test and made cupcakes!

This was for husband's 30th birthday.

We baked from the previously mentioned 'Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook' and 'The Primrose Hill Bakery Cookbook'.

As it was his birthday, husband was allowed to choose which cupcakes he would like and he chose vanilla and buttercream, marshmallow and carrot with cream cheese frosting.

{Yes, Traveller really needs to learn how to photograph her cooking!}


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