Thursday, 5 November 2009

Take a punt.

Traveller had the privilege of going to Cambridge last week with 'best gal', her husband and flattie.

{Hubbie was working.}

Cambridge is a town which hosts one of Britain's finest universities.

It was the most perfect fall day and, because it's a fun tradition, we went punting.

Punting happens in a flat-bottomed boat, and you move by propelling yourself with a long pole.

Traveller had been punting before with family in Oxford, but that was a much more scary experience! T's brother pushed them from river bank to river bank and they almost capsized!

'Best gal's' husband was a much more proficient punter and had us gliding smoothly along the River Cam. We were so smooth in fact, that T was convinced that it must have been really easy.

So she volunteered her services.

Let's just say, as soon as T got some speed up, her knees would start wobbling and the words 'Man Overboard!' began echoing in her mind.

T quickly passed the pole on.

Cambridge is beautiful, though.

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