Saturday, 21 November 2009

Weighing in.

Having seen 'New Moon' last night, Traveller feels the need to voice her opinion.

{unlike most readers,
T actually did enjoy 'New Moon' the novel}

you are cute. But, you really need to stop making
that torturous look of 'I love you, but I'm in pain'.
It's becoming a little intolerable {and giggle inducing}.

Where did you come from?
Even in CGI you are more believable than Edward.
{You didn't induce too many giggles}

Make the right choice.
He doesn't suck blood, or have chest hair.
{You only induced giggles
when you ran through the forest
as a vampire - what was that scene???}

So there it is.
Traveller has to admit she was excited about seeing the film,
even after the first 'Twilight' made her cringe with disappointment.

In her opinion, New Moon was an improvement -
especially in terms of special effects and some of the acting.

There still was, however, a lot of cheese.

1 comment:

Melly Mel said...

There was a lot of funny long cheesey parts! I totally agree with you. It was better than the first.


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