Saturday, 7 November 2009

Should I stay or should I go now?

The famous song by 'The Clash' is swimming around Traveller's head.

T and husband will soon have to decide whether they want to leave Londontown in July 2010, or whether they want to stay another year.

Traveller would like to give two term's notice to her school, but she and hubbie are really having trouble deciding.

There are so many reasons to stay.

There are places left to see, things left to accomplish and more fun to be had...

but something is really pulling T back to OZ.

{not just the gorgeous sunny weather..
although that definitely beckons!}

Should she stay or should she go now?


Katie said...


The Gourmet Traveller said...

Hehe :) As the weather is getting colder and outside is getting darker....that is sounding like a good option! And... I miss you! x

mina said...

We decided to run away from cold weather. I can't deal with it!

....& thanks so much for the well wishes.


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