Monday, 26 October 2009

Another Happy Customer

It wouldn't be a trip to London, without sampling London's greatest sandwich.

Traveller, under Hubbie's instruction, took 'best gal' and husband to Fuzzy's Grub.

Traveller was a little embarrassed that she managed to finish {almost} the entire sandwich without hubbie's help.

She'll blame it on the cold weather that is descending on the capital; winter pounds are T's specialty.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Fall Fun.

Traveller is really enjoying having her fave gal here.

They went to Regent's Park today, with her husband, and played in the leaves.

T loves fall. And friends

Monday, 19 October 2009

Next Stop: Normandie!

Traveller and husband are off to France this weekend!

We are going with four friends, in a seven-seater car, and T couldn't be more excited!

It is the first international trip that T has made since Easter and it is particularly special, because it is with friends.

The boys are excited to see the D-Day beaches; we are also hoping to see the Bayeux tapestry, Mont St-Michel and to eat lots of lovely Camembert (accompanied with French wine of course!).

Husband is also looking forward to some French cider.

French food, fun and friends - sounds magnifique!

photo via flickr

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy Holidays to Traveller!

To celebrate their running success and Traveller's return to holidays, T and running friend had another spa day, followed by treats at Bea's of Bloomsbury.

Bea's savoury food is delicious, but their cakes are out-of-this-world-yummy! There was much to choose from, such as: truffle cakes, scones, cheesecakes and meringues. However, they are famous for their cupcakes, so we had to try them out {it was practically a neccessity}.

Traveller had a chocolate fudge cupcake and running friend had a red velvet cupcake with cream-cheese frosting! Delicious!

A perfect way to start half-term holidays.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Traveller's best gal.

Traveller is positively bursting with excitement.

In just four sleeps she will see one of her dearest friends - in London!

Newly married friend is on her third honeymoon {yes, you did read that correctly} and is currently footloose in Europe.

Next week she will arrive in London for two weeks!
{sooo exciting}

During this visit, Traveller and husband are also going to do some more travelling...

T will give you a hint as to the destination - Bonjour le fromage et le vin!

T should also mention that, in just two days, she is once again on holidays.

Lovin' London {and it's prep schools!}

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Everything hurts. But it was worth it.

It's done!

Traveller has run the Royal Park's Half-Marathon and survived!

Even though Traveller was so nervous on Saturday, she must admit that she really didn't think it was going to be that hard. After all, she and running friend had almost run the distance a few times already.

Let's just say, she was a little wrong.

A half-marathon is 13.1 miles and at 6 miles
Traveller was spent. She (foolishly) went out way too quickly and ran out of steam! The big warning sign was that at the three mile mark, she was 6 minutes ahead of her target time, and then at 6 miles she was 9 minutes ahead!

Oh dear!

At 6 miles she wasn't hurting, and she wasn't puffed... she just had nothing left. Her stomach was growling for food and she was in trouble! A nervous stomach meant that T wasn't quite able to carb-load as much as she should have, and subsequently, she ran out of fuel!

T hates to admit it, but she had to walk a few times between the 7th and 11th mile, and was feeling so weak that she almost fell over.

Then, like manna from heaven, the lucozade table appeared at the 10th mile, and Traveller (ignoring all advice) guzzled the whole bottle and headed for the finishing line.

T was desperate to finish under the two hour mark, and managed it at 1:59:55!

That last mile felt like three!

During the race, Traveller was seriously considering her sanity in signing up for challenge; however, minutes after finishing, she must admit that she felt differently.

It was a serious rush crossing that finishing line.

Perhaps she'll sign up for another...

Who's up for it?

BTW: Everything hurts. Traveller can barely walk down the stairs at school.
T couldn't resist posting some pictures of brother and gorgeous Mimi. Brother was his speedy self in the half-marathon; he came in at just over an hour and a half with little training.

Running friend and T feeling very relieved!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Last Supper.

Perhaps Traveller is being a touch over-dramatic, but she is ever so excited and nervous about tomorrow!

This evening, Traveller and hubbie had a 'last supper' of sorts with running friend and her husband. The meal was tomato and basil pasta (T has been carb-loading like mad), with fruit and yoghurt for dessert. It was delicious! T has been trying to eat really healthily in preparation for the big run, and she must say that fruit is really sweet and delicious once you take chocolate out of your diet!

Today was a funny day. Traveller has been known to have a nervous stomach. Without being too specific (don't want to make you squeamish whilst blog reading), T, while studying Drama at university would be so nervous during production week that she would have no food left in her at all. And, in regards to today, let's just say that T had her first Imodium pill at 4pm this afternoon!

Today has been full of many last minute errands, like: creating a half-marathon playlist; a neck and shoulder massage (T really needed it, honest); the procurement of mid-race lollies (Barrett's jelly babies) and packing the race bag.

And, in regards to the previous post, T's tiny poem worked! The cold left and T is feeling great. Not all of T's friends who are running were so lucky, she thinks that one will have to pull out, and running friend herself has been sick all week, and won't be at her best. The dreaded London flu is wreaking havoc due to the change in weather.

Well, Traveller is off to (hopefully) catch some ZZZ's before the race. Wish her luck!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cough. Splutter. Sneeze.

With just over four days until the big event,
Traveller can feel herself coming down
with some sort of dreaded sickness.


She is also racing her fellow teachers
in the 'beep test' tomorrow...

The beep test is a fitness test which many would regard
as horrible and unnecessary, but nerdy T is a little excited.

Please cold
go away.
Traveller does not want you to stay.
Leave at once - without delay!

photo via flickr

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Fall arrives in a flurry.

It seems that fall has arrived in London overnight.

Sidewalks that were once clear, are now covered in burnt orange leaves.

A breezy wind has arrived, and the leaves are swirling about in the air.

It is so pretty.

Traveller went for a run in Hampstead Heath, and could barely see the heath floor, for all the scattered leaves.

As her fellow Australian friends grumble and feel somewhat dejected at the darker afternoons and cooler weather - Traveller is secretly excited for all the activities and clothes that fall encompasses.

She is ready for the scarves, the coats, the tights, the many cups of tea, the apple crumble and custard, the boeuf bourguignon, the red wine and the reading under the covers.

She is even ready for the fight against the winter pounds; yes, running will continue after the halfie.

Fall is here!

photo via flickr


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