Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Last Supper.

Perhaps Traveller is being a touch over-dramatic, but she is ever so excited and nervous about tomorrow!

This evening, Traveller and hubbie had a 'last supper' of sorts with running friend and her husband. The meal was tomato and basil pasta (T has been carb-loading like mad), with fruit and yoghurt for dessert. It was delicious! T has been trying to eat really healthily in preparation for the big run, and she must say that fruit is really sweet and delicious once you take chocolate out of your diet!

Today was a funny day. Traveller has been known to have a nervous stomach. Without being too specific (don't want to make you squeamish whilst blog reading), T, while studying Drama at university would be so nervous during production week that she would have no food left in her at all. And, in regards to today, let's just say that T had her first Imodium pill at 4pm this afternoon!

Today has been full of many last minute errands, like: creating a half-marathon playlist; a neck and shoulder massage (T really needed it, honest); the procurement of mid-race lollies (Barrett's jelly babies) and packing the race bag.

And, in regards to the previous post, T's tiny poem worked! The cold left and T is feeling great. Not all of T's friends who are running were so lucky, she thinks that one will have to pull out, and running friend herself has been sick all week, and won't be at her best. The dreaded London flu is wreaking havoc due to the change in weather.

Well, Traveller is off to (hopefully) catch some ZZZ's before the race. Wish her luck!

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