Sunday, 4 October 2009

Fall arrives in a flurry.

It seems that fall has arrived in London overnight.

Sidewalks that were once clear, are now covered in burnt orange leaves.

A breezy wind has arrived, and the leaves are swirling about in the air.

It is so pretty.

Traveller went for a run in Hampstead Heath, and could barely see the heath floor, for all the scattered leaves.

As her fellow Australian friends grumble and feel somewhat dejected at the darker afternoons and cooler weather - Traveller is secretly excited for all the activities and clothes that fall encompasses.

She is ready for the scarves, the coats, the tights, the many cups of tea, the apple crumble and custard, the boeuf bourguignon, the red wine and the reading under the covers.

She is even ready for the fight against the winter pounds; yes, running will continue after the halfie.

Fall is here!

photo via flickr

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