Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Occupational Hazard #1: The Nervous Fart.

Teaching in a school that is heaving with boys has consistently been a malodorous experience for Traveller. There are numerous situations where she finds herself overwhelmed with noxious odours. And, whilst trying to maintain a certain type of 'political correctness', can T remind you of the fact that she teaches in North London. This is a particularly multicultural area where many, many bowls of curry are eaten night and day.

Today, however, Traveller had a particularly fetid experience. It began when a boy in Grade Five approached her, looking notably anxious. T had just posted the cast list for her production of 'The Demon Headmaster' amid a flurry of excited students. Following this, said student mentioned that he hadn't intended to audition for the part and wouldn't be able to participate in the production. The part was small and wasn't at all a concern for Traveller.

What was a concern, however, was the thick cloud of smelly fart that permeated the air around her, in the increasingly narrow school corridor. The boy, whose chin was noticeably wobbling from the fear that he was going to 'suffer the consequences', had dealt T a fate worse than having to re-cast his part.

He had dealt her the nervous fart.

photo via flickr

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LLWJ said...

That is hilarious!


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