Sunday, 20 September 2009

London loves Coldplay.

On Friday evening, Traveller was lucky enough to see Coldplay at Wembley Stadium and, quite simply, they were awesome!

They had a fairly respectable line-up, including: white lies, girls aloud, and jay-z. As T saw them on a work day, she wasn't able to catch the first two, but did get to see jay-z. Traveller isn't completely into rap, but she has to admit that he was quite the entertainer and his set was actually pretty incredible. She did giggle a few times though at the usual rapper antics.

Coldplay are loved by London, and they proved completely worthy of this love. Their whole set was flawless, and the band were consummate entertainers. Chris Martin was writhing around on stage like a born rockstar; he ran, jumped, spun, laid down, played the guitar-the piano - the harmonica and even sang a bit of MJ's Billy Jean (which Simon Pegg joined in on). The best part was that he looked like he was really enjoying himself, and wasn't taking it too seriously.

The show was pretty interactive as well - with large, yellow balloons hurtling around during Yellow, fireworks being let off after Fix You and at the end, and also a million small colourful paper butterflies flying into the crowd towards the end. All these things added to the atmosphere of the night which, by London standards, was brilliant! (None of the usual pints flying over people's heads, fights between crowd members or unseemly substances arising from over-indulgent audience members.)

The one thing that stuck out to Traveller was that she has never before felt so short! Now somewhere deep down she knows she isn't tall. Being five foot four does sound quite tiny and she does have to stand on her tip-toes to reach most things. But these facts come as second nature now. T had simply forgotten that she was a pint-sized shortie, or let's use the euphemistic 'petite'. That is, she had forgotten, until each of her friends crouched down to her level at the concert and said something along on the lines of, 'Wow, you're view is really crap down here'. As she gazed up to where they were looking from, T realised two things. One - she really is quite short! Two - people notice how short she is.

Despite teasing her about her lack of view - her friends were also very kind and made sure that they moved her into the best spots. Even particularly tall strangers looked at her and made sure they didn't stand right in front of her.

Oh well...T was made short for a reason and she will embrace this newly found perspective.

Below are some pictures of the concert; unfortunately there are no pictures of the band, due to aforementioned physical affliction.

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