Monday, 14 September 2009

Traveller's Kitchen Disasters.

How did this....

turn into this?!

Now, T knows that you can't really see it very well for all the steam, but consider yourself lucky!

T had an absolute shocker in the kitchen on Sunday night.

So bad that she kept apologising to hubbie for hours;
Even though he'll eat anything.

It all started with a yummy, autumnal, Jamie Oliver recipe of Tomato and Bread Soup and turned into something you would see on Ramsay's Kitchen Disasters.

It was red. Looked like sludge. Tasted like sludge. Had a faint hint of tomato and basil. Traveller almost wants to puke just thinking of the texture in her mouth.


The worst thing was that Traveller has had this soup cooked for her before, and it was delicious.

Is she that incompetent in the kitchen?

She followed the recipe religiously.

So sad.

Nothing worse than seeing an hour's work go down the drain. Literally.

The upside?

Ice-cream for dinner!

photos courtesy of one very depressed cook.

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