Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Back in the Game.

Traveller has had a good day.

Make that, a great day.

A great three days really.

Being back at school is like coming alive again. Along with the holidays, teaching brings a real sense of satisfaction and happiness to Traveller. Last year was T's first year of teaching in England, her first year of teaching only boys, her first teaching position with extra responsibility and her first year of teaching children under the age of 12. It was hard. Some days it was really hard. The English prep school day is longer and the lesson times are shorter, so you really feel like you are running around in circles. But now, after a year of experience, Traveller (so far) is loving it!

She knows the children. They know her. She planned much of the curriculum last year, so now it's about tweaking it and improving it. Her smartboard is also an absolute life-saver! Last year, anytime T wanted to use a powerpoint, play a DVD, listen to a song or view a webpage with her class, it required a lot of re-arranging for all involved. Now, she can do this every lesson! It is absolute bliss.

She is also blessed with seriously small classes. Her largest English class has twelve children in it. Her smallest has six! The Drama classes are larger, but that is definitely the way that T likes it.

So, even though the days are long and there's more to do once T gets home, she's enjoying herself so much she has to stop herself from skipping down the street.

No one likes to see a girl in her late 20's skipping.

It's just weird.

photo via flickr

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mina said...

I love hearing about teachers who genuinely love their jobs. I had so many miserable ones (I went to an all girls private Catholic school, it was dreadful)

{P.S. Thanks for your recommendation! I went to the Tayyabs website and the food looks so delicious - can't wait to try it!}


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