Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Water in my shoes.

This evening, Traveller, along with running friend, ran her longest ever distance - just over 17k! We made it in just over an hour and a half. The biggest set-back was that it was absolutely bucketing down with rain. Every inch of T's clothes were wet, her shoes were filled with water, her hair was dripping and she was even having to blink at a more rapid pace to stop her eyes filling with so much water! That's a lot of rain.

And before you think T is really hardcore (who could blame you?), just take a minute to hear about T's running friend. Running friend is a particularly extreme runner. She will run in any physical conditition. Today, after running for around 20 minutes, she began to feel quite ill. She kept going. About an hour into the run, she stopped, vomited by a tree, and then kept running again! T doesn't think she could be quite so hardcore!

Besides the brief hiccup by the tree, it was the most beautiful run. We ran through Hyde Park which is probably T's favourite park at the moment; there is something magical about running past the statue of Queen Victoria which is just outside Kensington Palace. You being to imagine all the feet that have walked or ran those very paths. T's mind goes wild as she envisages horse-drawn carriages, public hangings, ladies ambling in pretty dresses, and princes and their horses going hunting.

Another wonderful thing about the run was that despite the weather, there were many runners about and they were quite jolly as well. Lots of chatting and laughing at the lovely British weather!

Traveller is now feeling more confident about her half-marathon, having made 17k without too much effort (okay, her muscles are pretty sore and she hasn't stopped eating for the last 2 hours!). Neverthless, T is starting to really look forward to the challenge.


LLWJ said...

You look so cute!!!!

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Hmm...debatable. Soaking wet - definitely.


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