Sunday, 30 May 2010

London for a Fiver: Get your dancing shoes on!

This Saturday night, Traveller and flattie shook off their converse and hit the dance floor.

The Blues Kitchen in Camden was our space of choice and boy, what a brilliant place to move it.

Traveller can quite easily tire of 'doof doof' music, so when presented with constant blues hits from the 50s, 60s and 70s - she found her happy place. The Blues Kitchen has live music from 9:30pm and the bands on Saturday were fantastic.

It reminded T of the 'cassette tape' her father presented her with around her 10th birthday - it was a triple decker and choc-full of hits from those time periods. T can remember listening to those tapes over and over until she knew each and every song.

So, inevitably, on Saturday there were times whenT was the only one on the dance floor who knew the words to songs from the likes of Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis and The Big Bopper.

Ah well, at least everyone was dancing!

With a great atmosphere, a fantastic playlist and at only £3 for an entry fee, it is a veritable bargain!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

London for a Fiver: Swimming with Ducks

Hampstead Heath is one of Traveller's favourite spots in London.

It is a vast expanse of gorgeous green fields and once arriving you feel completely out of the city.

The Heath has various bathing ponds; and, as the weather in London reached 'hot' this weekend, T and RF headed to the Heath in search of a tan and a swim.


< Photobucket

We picnicked, swam and enjoyed the sunshine.

The water, however, was beyond freezing!

The screams coming from the pond should have been enough to warn Traveller, however, sometimes she likes to think she's tougher than she is...

Let's just say it took about five minutes to regain all feeling in her hands and feet.

{too cold..too cold}

The best part? The pond only charges £2 - so it is a beautiful and affordable day out!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


The favourite part of Traveller's weekend?


Watching her brother carve it up on the dance floor!

The boy has moves!

Traveller had a great time helping her dear sister-in-law celebrate her 30th in style.

T actually had two nights of dancing and that's a fun weekend in her books.

What's your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Traveller won!

Today, Traveller was informed that she has won her first blogging giveaway competition!

Isn't there something fabulous about winning something? Big or small, it almost makes you feel like the universe is on your side.

It makes Traveller remember a story from her youth.

McDonald's were running a nationwide competition (in Australia) where all you had to do was scratch a scratch card (after purchasing an item) and you could win all sorts of lovely things from a free pack of chicken nuggets, to a strawberry milkshake, to bigger items like televisions and walkmans (remember walkmans?)

One fine evening when she was about 10, her family all visited a McDonald's as they were on a family trip to Bundaburg. For the life of her, T cannot remember why they went to Bundaburg. Famous only for their rum, it's not exactly a holiday destination.

T digresses.

Anyway, all five members of her family were eating and, lo and behold, T and her brother both won!

T won a milkshake...

....and her brother won a ghetto blaster!

Can you believe it?

If T had been ahead of him in the line, the blaster would have been hers!!
T remembers smiling and trying to look happy for her brother...but it was all an act.
She wanted that ghetto blaster.
But now, her luck has turned around, one of her daily reads, the lovely naturally nina had a giveaway this week, and Traveller won!

The glorious prize?

For anyone that knows Traveller, this is slightly ironic, as she has always been slightly disorganised in the home, much to the chagrin of her loved ones.
Perhaps if someone had thought of giving her cleaning supplies as a prize... she would have learnt to love them sooner!

image via here and here

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Portugal #2

Here are some more pictures of gorgeous Lagos.

Traveller can not express how wonderful this trip was; while the whole of Europe was drenched with rain and clouds, Portugal was a beacon of sun, radiating warmth over us thankful travellers.
England's winter really outstayed its welcome this year.










Photobucket A few highlights?

Über cheap accomodation. The views from said accomodation. Fresh seafood. Delicious sangria. Swimming in the ocean. A developing suntan {or sunburn!}. Funny moments by the sea.

And the tarts. Oh, did T mention the tarts? Portuguese tarts are delightful little morsels which consist of baked custard, wrapped in pastry whilst singed with a blow torch. All for under a Euro. Yum!

Traveller recommends this sleepy seaside town to any sun-seeking traveller; it is inexpensive, quaint and there aren't too many tourists lurking around.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Portugal #1

Traveller had the most wonderful time in Lagos, Portugal.

It was sublime to see and swim in the ocean again after having been without it for over a year!
T caught up on some serious sun
{the weather was over 25 degrees!}
and has little red legs to prove it!








Needless to say, Portugal is beautiful!
oh, and the food is delicious!
More posts to come...


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