Sunday, 23 May 2010

London for a Fiver: Swimming with Ducks

Hampstead Heath is one of Traveller's favourite spots in London.

It is a vast expanse of gorgeous green fields and once arriving you feel completely out of the city.

The Heath has various bathing ponds; and, as the weather in London reached 'hot' this weekend, T and RF headed to the Heath in search of a tan and a swim.


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We picnicked, swam and enjoyed the sunshine.

The water, however, was beyond freezing!

The screams coming from the pond should have been enough to warn Traveller, however, sometimes she likes to think she's tougher than she is...

Let's just say it took about five minutes to regain all feeling in her hands and feet.

{too cold..too cold}

The best part? The pond only charges £2 - so it is a beautiful and affordable day out!


green ink said...

One of my favourites too! Hasn't it been a gorgeous weekend? :)

Kyle B. Sasaoka said...

Wow the pond charges!? Can you swim with the duckies?

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Green Ink - totally gorgeous weekend! And even a beautiful Monday! And Kyle - yeah, it does charge because there are lifeguards there I guess.... and yes, there are little duckies around :)

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, I miss Hampstead Heath! Visited regularly when I lived in Chelsea. The pond image is so attractive and scenic. Makes one want to picnic there. Happy Sunday,
found you via Dawn's gorgeous blog;-)


Oh how awesome! I had no idea that existed...sorry for my ignorance. Too bad the water was cold but it looks like a ton of fun anyway :)


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