Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Portugal #2

Here are some more pictures of gorgeous Lagos.

Traveller can not express how wonderful this trip was; while the whole of Europe was drenched with rain and clouds, Portugal was a beacon of sun, radiating warmth over us thankful travellers.
England's winter really outstayed its welcome this year.










Photobucket A few highlights?

Über cheap accomodation. The views from said accomodation. Fresh seafood. Delicious sangria. Swimming in the ocean. A developing suntan {or sunburn!}. Funny moments by the sea.

And the tarts. Oh, did T mention the tarts? Portuguese tarts are delightful little morsels which consist of baked custard, wrapped in pastry whilst singed with a blow torch. All for under a Euro. Yum!

Traveller recommends this sleepy seaside town to any sun-seeking traveller; it is inexpensive, quaint and there aren't too many tourists lurking around.


Jen said...

T it looks so beautiful! You got some great photos, and I'm jealous. I can't wait to visit Portugal now! LOL... I think I just want to go anywhere warm, sunny and beautiful!

green ink said...

Pasteis de nata - the first Portuguese phrase I learned! Those custard tarts were heavenly. Want to go back this summer. I was in Porto last time, Lagos looks great!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Wow, sounds AND looks heavenly!

Elizabeth said...

The pink and navy sky is incredible...and I also love the doorway shot. I am green with envy of your travels, as per usual :)


STUNNING! That's it! I'm booking my trip immediately! :)

naturally nina said...

hello! i'm just writing to let you know that you won the naturally nina giveaway! please send me your postal address when you have a chance! xoxo.
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SogniSorrisi said...

Looks lovely. Would love to make it to Portugal one day.

Trissa said...

Fabulous pictures, not only because the area is gorgeous but you guys just really really know how to have fun!

Kyle B. Sasaoka said...

wow, when I visit Europe, Portugal will be one of the first places I would want to go. Hawaii actually had a lot of Portuguese that came over when it had lots of plantations before. I would really want to go to the Azores and Madeira. Thanks for such a good blog! I look forward to reading more in the future.


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