Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Everything hurts. But it was worth it.

It's done!

Traveller has run the Royal Park's Half-Marathon and survived!

Even though Traveller was so nervous on Saturday, she must admit that she really didn't think it was going to be that hard. After all, she and running friend had almost run the distance a few times already.

Let's just say, she was a little wrong.

A half-marathon is 13.1 miles and at 6 miles
Traveller was spent. She (foolishly) went out way too quickly and ran out of steam! The big warning sign was that at the three mile mark, she was 6 minutes ahead of her target time, and then at 6 miles she was 9 minutes ahead!

Oh dear!

At 6 miles she wasn't hurting, and she wasn't puffed... she just had nothing left. Her stomach was growling for food and she was in trouble! A nervous stomach meant that T wasn't quite able to carb-load as much as she should have, and subsequently, she ran out of fuel!

T hates to admit it, but she had to walk a few times between the 7th and 11th mile, and was feeling so weak that she almost fell over.

Then, like manna from heaven, the lucozade table appeared at the 10th mile, and Traveller (ignoring all advice) guzzled the whole bottle and headed for the finishing line.

T was desperate to finish under the two hour mark, and managed it at 1:59:55!

That last mile felt like three!

During the race, Traveller was seriously considering her sanity in signing up for challenge; however, minutes after finishing, she must admit that she felt differently.

It was a serious rush crossing that finishing line.

Perhaps she'll sign up for another...

Who's up for it?

BTW: Everything hurts. Traveller can barely walk down the stairs at school.
T couldn't resist posting some pictures of brother and gorgeous Mimi. Brother was his speedy self in the half-marathon; he came in at just over an hour and a half with little training.

Running friend and T feeling very relieved!

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