Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy Holidays to Traveller!

To celebrate their running success and Traveller's return to holidays, T and running friend had another spa day, followed by treats at Bea's of Bloomsbury.

Bea's savoury food is delicious, but their cakes are out-of-this-world-yummy! There was much to choose from, such as: truffle cakes, scones, cheesecakes and meringues. However, they are famous for their cupcakes, so we had to try them out {it was practically a neccessity}.

Traveller had a chocolate fudge cupcake and running friend had a red velvet cupcake with cream-cheese frosting! Delicious!

A perfect way to start half-term holidays.

1 comment:

Melly Mel said...

oh nice, nothing like going to the spa after a long run. you deserve it.


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