Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Bulge.

Traveller recently had a very truthful conversation (via skype) with her father.

It went something like this:

Dad: What is that your eating? Cereal?
Traveller: No, icecream. It's 10pm.
Dad: (pause) Oh, it's winter over there isn't it?
Traveller: Yes.
Dad: Mmm. You're looking a little fuller in the face.
Traveller: (gasp!)

As cruel as that may have seemed at the time, it's perfectly correct that 'the truth hurts'. Traveller simply can not help herself at this time of the year. And hey, a trip to France with bottomless wine, cheese and bread didn't really help!

The worst (or best) part is that school really pulls out all the stops this time of year. Most of you know that T eats a free lunch at school, and at this time of year, the options to increase your calorie intake are substantial!

Let's look at today's lunch for example:
Roast chicken with all the trimmings (and gravy! oooh gravy!), followed by a delectable apple crumble with warm custard. Let's face it - nothing warms you up like hot custard!

Oh dear.

T really needs to face the cold, hard truth.

Nothing warms you up like a muffin-top, saddle-bags and bat-wing arms - but that doesn't mean it's appealing.

It's time to say, 'No!' to all {upbeat euphemism for 'some'} things fatty!

Now, just before the afore-mentioned lock-down on fatty food kicks in, T would like to introduce you to the Churro.

A churro is a Spanish donut, usually served with hot chocolate sauce.

If you have never had the distinct pleasure of eating one of these scrumptious little morsels - get thee to a supermarket!

One of T's favourite food blogs, cannelle et vanille, just posted a delicious recipe for cooking the little darlings and T suggests you get cooking!

Traveller and 'best gal' at the Portobello Road Markets, indulging in Churros.

The churros on Cannelle et Vanille

photo courtesy and copyright of Aran Goyoaga


TLC said...

We all need an extra layer for the cold, dark days. And you can always go running!

ps Your fringe is perfect!!!

The Gourmet Traveller said...

It's true, TLC. But at the rate I'm eating, I'm going to need to run every day, twice a day! :) Thanks for the fringe comment - still getting used to it!

Melly Mel said...

Oh you are too adorable! Eat your yums! Thats funny! :)

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Hehe... thanks Melly Mel...the diet isn't really going that well anyway!


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