Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Confession Time.

It appears that Traveller is something of a royalist.

For many of you, the date -29th April 2011- will conjure up nothing more than images of spring time (or autumn, for the Aussies) but for Traveller, it is the source of serious excitement.

Not only will she score an extra public {bank} holiday but T will also be able to witness a significant moment in the history of Britain's monarchy - a royal wedding! However, while Traveller lives in a flat full of Brits, she seems to be the only member poring over news article after news article scouring it for dress, date and venue details. It would seem a confession is in order:

T loves her a royal wedding!

Now there are plenty of naysayers out there who are already bemoaning the loss of tax payer's money and who are calling the bride-to-be a social climber {from a family of social climbers} but to them, T says, 'Sshhhh. Enjoy the holiday and admire the pretty people in the pretty clothes'.

T knows she sure will be.


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I always love a good wedding!

Loree said...

Me too. I am a sucker for royal weddings.

mina said...

I've never cared for royal weddings but I found myself sitting through their incredibly long and dull interview announcing their engagement. Her navy dress and ring looked amazing together... and I could listen to those accents all day. I will stay tuned for your updated on the matter!

mina said...

P.S. SNL is notoriously unfunny, but they did a skit on the subject last week and it was HILARIOUS. You should see if you could find it online.

Trissa said...

I took leave from work already for the 29th! I am certainly not going to miss this one. I can't wait. Fairytales do come true!


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