Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Countdown Begins....

The job has been secured, the Visa's obtained, and the tickets have been purchased. Traveller and her husband are officially ready to go to the U.K for their biggest adventure. With one and a half weeks to go, many goodbyes are still to be said, but the impending feeling of excitement, mixed with nerves and apprehension has set in Traveller's tummy. Life here has been rather comfortable for the past three years, and the thoughts of a new school, a new home, and saying goodbye to dear friends remain constantly on the mind. Oh well, c'est la vie - Traveller decides, 'You only live once - it's now or never!'.


The Big Adventure said...


You're coming at an odd time of year -- was there a sudden vacancy and you filled it?

I know you must be feeling like I did (have you seen the pictureI posted on my blog 8 days before blast-off? LOL!).

I'd love to hear what school your going to (and town) -- if you care to, write back with an email address in your message, but as I moderate BEFORE anything can be published, I'll get the email address and then delete the comment without publishing it.

Wishing you loads of fun, adventure, and some luch thrown in.

As far as advice (you asked on my blog), I think it's all in there . . . but do ask any specifics I've neglected? Happy to help.

Snooky said...

Hey Travellers,

Keep us up to date with your blog posts, it'll be fun hearing about your travels and adventures. All the best as you charge off into the next stage of your life!



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