Thursday, 31 July 2008

Racing for Life

With a sigh of relief, Traveller completed her first London run and is, as a result, forever addicted to her new hobbie!

The Race for Life could have been a scary event, full of competition and serious faces, however Traveller was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere at Regent's Park was one of fun and femininity, with over 5000 women involved. The purpose of the race is to raise awareness and money for cancer research - so while the race was fun, it was also one of mixed emotions. As Traveller ran her 5k, she had to keep fighting back tears as she saw so many people's shirts with signs dedicated to loved ones who had been lost to cancer, or even runners who were cancer survivors. It truly is a disease that affects everyone in some way or another.

But it wasn't all doom and gloom - after running around 4k of the race, there were male volunteers standing on the edge clapping as you went by and you even got a medal upon completion of the race. T was most impressed by her sister-in-law who, very averse to exercise and in particular running, managed to complete the race 15 mins earlier then previously estimated! Super effort!
The best part of the whole day, however, was being able to enjoy a pub lunch with the family in celebration of the money raised and calories burnt!

Ps. Thanks to all those who donated - 'twas very much appreciated.

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