Saturday, 28 February 2009

Moist towelette, anyone?

The last few months have seen Traveller and her hubbie become well-versed in the art of international travel. With no less than 96 hours spent on various flights, it sounds as if T and hubs have been living a life befitting the rich and famous. However, the flight miles were merely between London Town and T's home town - the sunny Gold Coast.

T and hubbie ended up making two trips to Oz which were less than two months apart. Both trips were essential. The first was for the wedding of a dear friend which happened to coincide with Christmas. The second was for a last-minute trip to update visas, which unbelievably managed to coincide with four birthdays, a christening and a birth (all in less than 14 days)!

The visa trip happened much to T's, and her school's, annoyance and vexation. UK immigration decided to change visa laws at the end of November, which meant that T and hubbie needed to travel home rather than have their visas updated in the UK. The Australian immigration website stated that visas were taking a minimum of 25 working days - so T was looking at a very quiet Term Two which would involve sending lesson plans over the Internet. However, due to the efficiency of the British High Commission in OZ, the visa was issued in less than a week!

T and hubs had their biometric data taken on a Monday, they received a phone call notifying them that their applications had been recieved on Tuesday, and then, miraculously, on Wednesday they received an e-mail stating their visas were approved and would be dispatched within five days! Hubs was so shocked that he thought the e-mail was some kind of hoax.

So T now writes this blog from the comfort of her London couch. Looking back on our time in Australia, it must be noted that it was wonderful to spend time with friends and family, catch some rays and eat countless Tim Tams. That being said, T and hubs are definitely ready for their next European adventure.

Next stop - if all goes to plan - is Spain!

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