Thursday, 19 March 2009

Emmanuel Jal

Recently, at Hillsong London, T and some friends heard the testimony of a former child soldier from Sudan - Emmanuel Jal.

Jal had been a child soldier for five years, from the age of seven or eight. During his time as a child soldier he was forced to commit unspeakable acts, as he fought for the rebel army in Sudan's civil war.

In order to recover from his time as a 'Child Warrior', he poured himself into music, and as a result, delivers some of the most powerful music you will ever hear. Jal was seen performing at Mandela's 90th birthday, and is heard in a few episodes of E.R. and the movie, 'Blood Diamond'.

His story was extremely sad and, simultaneously, very powerful. Visit his website to learn more about him and his personal plight to build a school in the Sudanese town he grew up in.

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