Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Did Traveller say it was getting warm?

Merely hours after writing her previous blog about the last snow of winter - Traveller and her hubbie awoke to a blanket of snow over sweet 'ol Maida Vale. Not only did ice cover the houses, the trees and the cars, but the snow was still falling really heavily outside. Traveller loves snow! It's so beautiful!

Of course, we did what all of the Aussie's in London did that morning, we ran out and played in it! (There were plenty of snowball fights happening around the streets). Sadly, there wasn't enough for a snowman where we were, but there was plenty to look at and take goofy pictures of. Hubbie also decided to video call his family and show them. Traveller was shocked that Hub took his computer outside in the falling snow! You think you know a person.........

Following the video call, T and her hub got yummy croissants for breakfast from the nearby deli and enjoyed them, looking out their window at the gorgeous surroundings. Ah, bliss.

1 comment:

BundyMum said...

How cool!! Glad you got some special snow time together, even if there were no snowmen to be found :)


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