Saturday, 5 April 2008

Let it Snow....

During Easter weekend when Traveller and hubbie went to Belgium, it was forecast to snow in London and its surrounds. For this reason, Traveller was a little hesitant to leave London simply because she had never actually seen snow fall from the sky before.

However, all was forgiven when the morning after flying back from Brussels, they awoke to find pretty snowflakes falling from the sky. Alas, it was too warm for the snow to actually stick, but boy did it look beautiful on its way down. Traveller and hubbie were very excited, and promptly jumped out of bed and danced around in it. We tried to take pictures of it..but of course you can't really see it, unless it was against something black like Traveller's hair or coat. Ah well - as the weather is starting to slowly warm up here, we won't see anymore of this for a while, but we will look forward to the time when we can frolick in the pretty white stuff again.

- You really can't see it, can you? You're just going to have to trust Traveller - it was beautiful!

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