Monday, 29 March 2010

Teachery tales.

Sometimes the T should really stand for 'teacher' as Traveller spends much more time in the classroom, than roaming through Europe. In recognition of this truth, T is going to blog about a few memorable teaching moments from the past week.

Firstly, the musical was a hit!
And Traveller is more than a little relieved.
Having never starred in a musical before (she was, unfortunately, not blessed with tuneful pipes) and only playing minor helper roles at her last school - this was a big deal. However, it all went swimmingly and it was really hard to believe that her talented boys were all under twelve. They were brilliant!
Well, let's be honest, most of them were. As Traveller works with prep school boys, she doesn't want to discriminate against the less talented of the little munchkins. This unfortunately means (or fortunately - whichever way you look at it) that some of the boys didn't quite always sing or act, but sometimes just gazed giddily at their parents. Ah well, you can't always expect professionalism from eight year olds!

In other humorous, teachery news, Traveller had the annual cross country today.
T is used to Australian cross-countries where children suffer from heat exhaustion, sunburn and sunstroke and where the teachers have a great time - sunning themselves and cheering on the little mites.

School cross-countries in English prep schools are a vastly different experience.
Firstly, everyone freezes.
The weather is drizzly, the wind is icy and the sky is grey.
The boys' lips are blue and the teachers are numb with cold.
However, we endure these conditions with proud British fortitude and nothing is heard except for the cheering of the parents, teachers and boys.

On a slightly anthropological note - has anyone ever noticed how speedy and ostentatious young children become when running in front of their parents? We had children that would walk 375 metres of the track, but when they were running past their parents, it was like they were involved in an olympic sprint! Their heads were down, their faces were serious and they, like gazelles, glided swiftly past their parents, only to walk again a few seconds down the track. We also had one serious chap who, after running one {fairly slow} 400 metre lap {in freezing conditions}, doused himself completely with water! Right in front of the parents!
Did T mention it was freezing?


iheartkiwi said...

what a lovely blog you have! i cannot wait to hear more stories of both traveling and teaching... they are both such worthwhile pursuits.

Anonymous said...

goodness, you're brave. i would wish everyone good luck, and watch from a window.

Elizabeth said...

Bless you for teaching the opposite sex with such good humor. I feel like girls are hard some days, but they're not really.

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Thanks, ladies. And Elizabeth, I'm sure girls bring their own level of interesting behaviour into the classroom :)

Melly Mel said...

oh man you have courage! so glad it was a success!!!


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