Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Living up to the name.

Traveller recently teased you with a hint that she might be travelling soon...
and the thing is...
she is leaving in two sleeps!

She is off to seek the sun, the sea and an adventure on the beautiful Dalmation coast in Croatia!

It's a holiday of firsts for Traveller.

It will be the first time she's stayed in a hostel.
{can you believe it?}

The first time she's taken part in a tour.
And the first time she's bathed in the Adriatic Sea...


The tour travels for eight nights around the islands of the Dalmation Coast (on a sailing boat) and
visits a new island everyday along with the beautiful cities of Split and Dubrovnik.
The thing Traveller is most looking forward to is swimming in the sea everyday. If there is one tangible thing that T misses from OZ, it's the beach. That feeling of diving under beautiful cold water is one that Traveller loves.

So, T is going to try and post a couple of times while she's away, but the reality is that she mightn't have access to a computer for over a week. So, this isn't a dedicated blogging break, but a travel break!

T can't wait to share stories when she's back.

Until then, enjoy your summer!

{and for those Antipodeans out there - enjoy the lovely cold winter!
T apologises for the teeny amount of glee she feels when she writes that!}

image found here, here, here and here


The Childlike empress said...

the Dalmatian Coast you are sooo lucky, I've heard how beautiful it is, i lived so close for the last 5 years but never quite made it day.....

The Consummate Hostess said...

What an incredible trip, the Dalmation Coast is on the top of my list! I look forward to hearing about your latest adventure.

Trissa said...

Jealous! But happy that you'll be off on holidays - can't wait to see you pics and read about your travels.

molly YEH! said...

sounds amazing!! beautiful pics :-)


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