Saturday, 24 July 2010



It's hard to believe that the new addition is already one!

We celebrated her birthday last weekend and it was quite possibly one of Traveller's favourite children's birthday parties and T narrowed this down to two reasons: free flowing bubbly and lovely company.

The fact that I have family around me while I am 'travelling' might be confusing to you - the thing is, my lovely brother moved here first. He's been here for years and has since married a lovely English lass. They live very close to Traveller and it's lovely having them on this side of the hemisphere...

Anyway, T was asked if she would bake the birthday cake for the party and she was really excited. And a trifle nervous.

Luckily, both T and her sis-in-law are very partial to chocolate cake and they both agreed on this recipe
{which, by the way, is amazing}

English lass came up with the decorating ideas and they decorated it together, whilst trying to fend off T's brother, who kept on eating all the chocolate sticks!
Cute, huh?


The cling film was to keep it together overnight as we decorated it the night before...

Unfortunately, there are no photos of anyone actually eating the cake but T promises you it was good.

The proof? Whilst demolishing her slice of cake, T was asked by another mum to make her child's birthday cake in a couple of weeks...



Anonymous said...

hooray for you, and hooray for your successful cake!

molly YEH! said...

that cake looks fantastic!! the little lion is way too cute to eat :-)

Blicious said...

she's so pretty!! precious!
happy birthday to her! :)

Nicole Marie said...

such a cute cake!


Awh that's so sweet! She's adorable and happy belated to her. And that cake looks fantastic! I can see why you got the future request :)

Trissa said...

Beautiful baby girl and beautiful cake - I'm in love with both! Uhm... when is it your turn?! :)


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