Sunday, 19 July 2009

Hey Jude: Part Two

On Tuesday evening, T, hubbie and her flatties rushed off to the Wyndham Theatre, more excited than you can imagine. They arrived at the theatre, greeted some of their friends from the morning and then took to their box seats! Because it was such a special occasion that the company had been planning for over a year and a half, their seats even had presents on them. We could not believe it. We usually spend £3.50 on a program, however, we were given a program, a copy of the play (an edition printed for this particular performance, with Jude's photo on the front) and a poster!

When Jude Law's name was first announced as performing Hamlet at the Wyndham, T has to admit that she was a little dubious as to whether he could pull it off. Well, after about three minutes, she cast all doubts aside and enjoyed a truly phenomenal performance of the Bard's best play. He was outstanding! The best part was, our little box was so close to the stage, that as T watched, Jude looked her in the eye about four fun!

During interval we made plans with our friends from NC to have a drink after the show. Before that, we were going to go to the stage door and wait so Jude could sign our plays or programs. After the show, the director and Jude gave a quick talk about the performance and why they decided to fill a theatre for free (to provide London with an audience in the future) and then we all raced downstairs to get prime spots at the stage door.

After a little wait, Jude came out and there were so many people there! There were people that hadn't come out of the show and just wanted him to sign photographs, passers-by, paparazzi and audience members. He was very gracious; he signed as many as he could and even signed five professional photographs for a very pushy man (T doesn't know if she could be so gracious!). T did manage to stammer out a few words to him, to which he responded very kindly - a very lovely actor!

After the procuring of the autographs, T, flatties and their new friends made their way to the pub right near the theatre, for a drink and a chat about the peformance. We had a great time and even noticed that the actors seemed to frequent the same pub. So, as our lucky day would have it, we had a chat to the actor who played Horatio and then one flattie declared her admiration for the actor who played Laertes (we had seen him in Twelfth Night). They were very nice and very normal and were so inspired by performing in front of such an enthusiastic crowd; it was really lovely to see the night from their perspective.

Then we went home, twenty-one hours after we had arrived at the theatre that morning.

A perfect day!

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jen laceda said...

Oh, Jude Law...I like-y him!


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