Monday, 27 July 2009

A Weekend in London

Typically, T and hubbie's favourite weekends have been those that have been spent away in an exciting location such as Barcelona or Paris, or even close by in Bath or York - nevertheless T has had a lovely weekend simply spent here, with friends, in London.

It started with a Friday night burger ....

Hubbie has spoken about these burgers for months, and T has to admit, they were pretty darn good!

Then brunch with family and the new addition...

Brunch saw brother meeting with cousin for the first time in eight years! A happy occasion enjoyed over hot croissants, pain au chocolat and pancakes!
Following the brunch, we then met up with some Aussie friends, and took cousin, her fiance and our friends to see 'As you like it' at The Globe. The performance was wonderful - so beautiful in the moon light and such great actors and musicians. The Globe is one of T's favourite places to see Shakespeare, as they really try to recreate the performance as to how it would have been 400 years ago.
Then, on Sunday, flattie and T had a super girly day in Selfridges on Oxford Street, followed by a movie and nails night in our little flat! The day in Selfridges consisted of lipstick, sushi and cupcakes and the evening consisted of indie chick flick 'Rachel Getting Married' and Ben & Jerry's Choc Fudge Brownie...bliss! Isn't flattie pretty in her new red lipstick? The cupcakes are from Lola's in Selfridges; they were key lime flavour and...delicious!

As the weekend has drawn to a close, it is lucky that T has Nike Running Club on Monday night! A mere 7 miles to burn off all those croissants, cupcakes, icecream, the burger and everything else that she didn't mention!

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