Tuesday, 28 July 2009


T has been admiring a blog from afar for the last few weeks. It was Flattie who introduced her to 'the rockstar diaries'; a blog which follows a couple in D.C who are interested in photography, cupcakes, burgers and all sorts of things. Naomi, the main writer, is adorable and the blog quickly became a daily read for Traveller.

Yesterday, 'the rockstar diaries' published a list of 'ten things that make me ridiculously happy' by Traveller. It sounds silly, but T was very excited! The lists are a recent project that 'the rockstar diaries' started to help them (and their readers) enjoy the small and simple things in life.

Click here for the link. Check out the other lists as well - just reading them really does make you smile.
{photo via flickr}

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