Thursday, 17 December 2009

The most wonderful time of the year.

As snow falls outside, Traveller feels really excited!

She loves Christmas!

School finished yesterday, and while we were busy singing carols in the school chapel, snow began to fall. Being an aussie, Traveller hasn't ever sang 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland' and meant it. Well, yesterday she did; it was magical!

Upon arriving home, she found her new camera waiting for her!
Due to old camera's untimely demise, husband and T decided to buy a new edition for their upcoming trip to the Swiss Alps. Traveller has secretly (or not so secretly) wanted a new camera for what seems an age, so coming home to her new G11 was like Christmas had begun early.

Today she finished off some Christmas shopping and took her little G11 for its first outing. The Christmas lights are out on Oxford Street and they are absolutely beautiful, so T tried to capture them amongst the teeming crowds...

Tomorrow she is off to her favourite place in London: Borough Markets.
She and some friends are having Christmas early this year;
we are making a proper Christmas dinner and Traveller is in charge of procuring the fresh fruit and veg. She is also going to put her cooking abilities to the test by making an apple and blackberry pie. Yum!

Husband is in charge of eggnog and his test-run recipes have been amazing!

So while they have no tree and not many family members around them, Hubbie and Traveller are already enjoying their first Christmas overseas together.

May it be white, not-too-cold and very merry!

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Sabine said...

I love Borough Market, too... and now we have even more snow.


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