Friday, 26 August 2011

Awkward holiday moments.


When T and RF initially decided that they wanted to holiday together, they had a few simple but concrete requirements: sun, surf and good food.

We tossed around a few ideas, but were left with two high on the list: Greece and Sardinia. Both were sunny, both were defined by their beautiful clear water and both were synonymous with delicious food. If we were to go to Greece, we wanted to sail around the islands and RF (having been to Greece before) wanted to steer clear of the more touristy spots. Eventually, Greek sailing won and RF found a company that sailed around the Dodecanese Islands where we could learn to sail and visit a different island each day. It was exactly what we wanted.

We were very fortunate with our pick - we shared the sailing boat with one other young couple, the skipper and the cook. Everyone was very easy going so we were able to dictate what we wanted to do to a certain extent and, as a result, we were able to swim as much as we wanted in some of the most beautiful bays in the world.


One slight hiccup occurred through the booking and it's probably something that T should have reiterated whilst sending in her details. You see, T's Christian name is androgynous and it is always assumed that she is, in fact, a he. So, instead of facing the initial interesting experience of rooming with a good friend in a tiny yacht's room for a week, they then faced the reality of sharing a room that could be likened to a honeymoon suite with a bed that was more single than double. In the heat of summer. In the heat of the Greek summer. In the stuffy cabin air of a yacht. For a week.

It was 40 degrees in there, people!


Luckily for T, she can sleep pretty much anywhere. She is small and can sleep in noise, in heat and in all modes of transport - even rocking boats. Unfortunately for RF, she does not have this ease of sleeping and she also (gulp) had to put up with T's very ladylike snoring. Needless to say, she spent most of the week sleeping on deck whilst T snored happily away below. Now friendships have been ruined over much less, but T is happy to report that she and RF are still fast friends.

One of T's most favourite memories from the trip was when RF attempted to sleep downstairs during a particularly hot night and T, as an olive branch of sorts, made them both ice-packs to cradle in the desperate pursuit of cooling down. Needless to say the ice melted everywhere and T and RF were almost delirious with heat and spent the best part of an hour giggling about everything around them, including the very noisy young couple who were saying their every thought so loudly that the whole boat was privy to their private {and somewhat, inane} conversation. T remembers haircuts and styles being discussed for at least ten minutes.


So, the good part of the story is that T truly lucked out. She has a travelling friend who enjoys the same things that she does {food, sun, wine and swimming} and with whom she can have a good laugh (and without gushing, she is also lovely, generous and wise beyond her years!).

Also, said travelling partner has kick-ass photography skills which you can see as all the photos today are taken from her camera.


Cheers, RF, for a most memorable trip!

The above photographs are taken from T's favourite islands - Chalki, Symi and Rhodes.


MikeyB said...

So jealous!! would of loved to of done a trip like this. Look like you guys had an amazing time!

Traveller said...

Oh, thanks Mike! It was pretty awesome ;) I hope you guys are doing well - you also got some pretty amazing trips in...


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