Thursday, 21 February 2008

Hooray - Maida Vale!

Yes, you read right. Traveller is no longer weeping for Maida Vale. Hubbie and T have found a flat! - in Maida Vale! Now, it isn't quite as luxurious and beautiful as the 'perfect' flat that they found, but it is in lovely 'MV', there are nice flatties, it is 1 min to the tube station, the room is an ensuite and the rent is reasonable (and includes a cleaner! yee-ha). This means that the flat ticked all the obligatory boxes, and T and hub signed the forms within ten minutes of viewing it. Real estate goes fast in 'MV' so there was no time to waste. The flat had only been advertised for one hour when they viewed it. Apparently the Ramsay gastropub has pushed up prices and interest in the area - so everything moves really fast.

Now, let me paint you a picture - 'MV' contains beautiful tree-lined streets, lovely familes playing in the park, gourmet delis + pubs, easy access to the city, and is a mere walk from Oxford Street and Notting Hill. Also, for those interested in celebrity (you know who you are) - apparently there is lots of celebrity spotting here - Kate Moss lives nearby, as does a McCartney and a Jagger! Another plus is the fact that its only two tube stops to Queen's Park - so we are still near T's fam which is lovely.
Now, in case you are all starting to pack your bags and book your tickets to Maida Vale, UK - we are in a flat with four other people, the lounge is very small and there is only 1 fridge - it isn't all perfect! But T & hub are fairly stoked. T is particularly happy securing a flat because this means that her and hub are almost on their way to their first European destination. They made a deal - as soon as the flat is sorted and both have jobs (Hub still looking - although he has been doing contract work for T's brother) - they are off to Paris, France!
Viva la France!


Pop and Al said...

Glad to hear you guys are getting settled. Tell your flatmates not to worry, we are already looking up Hotels close to you.

Eboney said...

Hey gorgeous girl.. glad to hear God is blessing you abundantly and coming through for you even in the small things in life!!! You're making me jealous daily with all these posts... wish i could be there with you... although i think i'll leave the flat sharing part up to you... not my cup of tea!!! LOL!!! luv ya heaps and missing you always... Eboney xox


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