Tuesday, 5 February 2008

It's a little chilly....

Coat, gloves and a scarf are the order for the day here in London - the weather is quite freezing for Traveller and her husband who have just arrived from humid Singapore. Although, hubbie still has 'on occasion' worn shorts (much to the chagrin of our hosts).

The area that we are staying in is very beautiful - parks surround the borough, with little squirrels that come right up to you hoping for peanuts. There are farmer's markets on a Sunday - full of fresh produce and other yummy foodie type things. Also, the tube station is really close which makes travelling into the city quite easy. The best thing is staying with our brother and his wife - they have been gracious hosts, showing us the best sights and really settling us into London.

Snce arriving we have decided that London is full of wonderful, different and tasty experiences. There is an old myth that British food bites the big one...but all we have had since arriving are scrumptious morsels of food. We have eaten everything from pub food, Italian, Indian and some lovely home-cooked meals. Our most favourite was the Italian food which we had at Cantina - a restaurant on the Thames. Lovely wine, delicious pasta and superb dessert! It was lucky we had ice-skated all morning at Canary Wharf - so we didn't feel too guilty.

Hubbie has been amusing himself with all the local lingo - his favourites so far are:

Jolly - trip away for work: "Next week work is sending him on a jolly"
butty - sandwich: "Would you like some jam spread on your butty?"

One important thing that we have discovered over the last few days is that it is important to make sure you walk around, or bus around this city. Too much tubing means that all you see is concrete and you forget how beautiful your surroundings are. We love how beautiful it is here, even though its freezing!

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