Thursday, 21 February 2008

The London Flu

It starts out with a sore throat, and then your nose starts to develop a split personality (on one side - very, very runny and on the other - so blocked you can hardly breathe). Soon, your head and body begin to pound and feel overwhelmingly heavy. This then morphs into a chesty cough which is so bothersome it keeps all housemates (and you!) awake at night. Following this comes a desperate desire for foul cough medicine in order to overcome your horrible state of being. Finally, the flu begins to slowly relinquish control of your body and you start to see the world in a much more positive light.

Ahh, bless the London Flu. They say that this well-known condition is a combination of the cold weather and the pollution in London - not a pretty thought. Traveller almost smiles at the memory of this very memorable flu - even though she still holds onto a very husky voice and a smoker's (without the smoking) cough.

Suddenly, she sighs with a flashback of the previous evening where two flatties (husband and brother) both exhibited symptoms of this most dreaded and infamous affliction - Traveller definitely isn't going to be very popular at home.

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