Thursday, 7 February 2008

Time lasted in new job = 8.5 hours

Time it takes to find a totally new job in a completely different position = 48 hours.

Back in Australia, Traveller had found a job through a teaching recruitment agency to start a few days after arriving in the U.K. The job was a full-time position teaching English in an all-girls school near London.

It felt good to have a position ready for when we arrived. However, it took only 8 or so hours to realise that this position, school and enviroment were not what Traveller wanted. It was not that the girls were naughty (they were quite fine actually) - it was lots of factors rolled into one.

- The school was about 1 1/2 hours travel away from North London where we are staying.

- The position was replacing a teacher who had left at Christmas time, so the girls hadn't had a proper teacher for a couple of months and, as a result, were very behind. So there were about 7 classes of confused girls who needed tons of time, effort and knowledge to help them pass. EEk!

- There was no induction process - even though they had promised one. They put Traveller in the classroom (with another teacher) the minute she arrived and expected her to teach that afternoon (in a totally different curriculum, with no idea of what she should be teaching).

- The school was dreary, and no one seemed very happy. (There were police officers in the hallways- and this was supposedly a good school!)

So, Traveller arrived in the London flat that night and her huband and family decided it was best not to go back. The next day, Traveller's sister-in-law booked a meeting for her with a well-established recruitment agency. The meeting went well, and after some testing, they promptly offered her a job at their agency! So, now after completely changing careers (at least for a little while) - she starts work tomorrow in a reception gig in London city. Should be interesting!

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