Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ode to Skype.

Like the letters of yesteryear,
You connect those from afar,
Their faces and voices like new
They are seeing and sharing.

You ask no toll,
Yet give so much,
Hours, minutes, days,
Over tears, laughter and lunch.

Without you, would faces be forgotten?
Would voices be a faded memory?
Would old conversations never be made new?
Indeed, Traveller is thankful for you.

Yes, Traveller has spent most of her first day of holidays on Skype and has loved every second of it!

photo found here


The Consummate Hostess said...

I too am a big Skype fan :). It istantly connects loved ones, despite the miles. Hope that you have a fabulous day.

accidentally, kle said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Always great to meet other London bloggers (even if we're not originally from there) :-)

There is one friend I have whom I 'meet' on Skype regularly. When I lived in Malta, we'd go out for coffees every week. Now we do it on Skype. It feels like there's not a very big difference!

thais. said...

I use skype a lot, but also a huge fan of msn! it makes talking to brazil EVERY week easier... nice meeting your blog ;)

Melly Mel said...

so great. i love that photo...
skype is great!!!


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