Thursday, 6 January 2011


A chocolate addiction is a serious thing.

Traveller honestly can't think of a day when she has gone without chocolate
{except for yesterday}
in a long, long time.

In fact, one of T's new year resolutions is to eat less of the milky, creamy good stuff and switch to the less creamy, darker kind.
{which explains why she didn't eat it yesterday}
{she only made her resolutions yesterday}

T digresses...

Right before Christmas and before any such resolutions were made, Traveller visited the Lindt chocolate factory in Cologne, Germany and, let's just say, any building that has a chocolate fountain filled with pure, creamy, delicious Lindt chocolate is alright by her.

The best part?

A Lindt representative hands you a wafer that has been dipped into the afore mentioned fountain.

Needless to say, Traveller visited the obliging wafer lady more than once...

Another factor worth mentioning is that you receive a chocolate on the way in and a chocolate with any drink that you order from their lovely cafe which sits on the Rhine River.

Traveller has a feeling that she won't survive very long without the sweet goodness of Lindt chocolate.


They hand wrap the large chocolate santas. T timed her; it took seven minutes!

Traveller's exchange friend from Switzerland - Yuvia - enjoying the wafer dipped in melted chocolate



Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh amazing!!!

Kristin said...

Give me some now! Looks sooooooo good!

dulci said...

The BEST chocolate I had was in Spain! Check out my travel blog :)


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