Friday, 7 January 2011

Over to the dark side.

Traveller's best friend from Australia, after reading yesterday's blog post, called her in distress.

The conversation goes as follows:

You can't cross over to the dark side! I won't allow it.

Sorry, pardon? The dark side?

Yes, you know, dark chocolate!

Well, it is better for you, you know? Which means I can eat a whole block and not feel too bad about myself.

But liking dark chocolate means you're getting old!

Well.. when you put it like that. Thanks.

The conversation ran through T's mind today as she nibbled on some dark orange chocolate with fig pieces {so good!}. She started to remember all the foods she used to avoid which now feature heavily on her 'love' list.

First, when she was fifteen, she suddenly began to adore anything to do with avocado. Prior to this, the fruit {isn't it weird that it's a fruit?} was not something that she enjoyed. Then, when she turned 20, Traveller started to be partial to fish. She remembers very vividly growing up in a house where fish was generally eaten once a week and T used to have nightmares about the silvery lining. Now, she can't get enough of the stuff. {The fish, not the silvery lining. That still kind of grosses her out.} Following this, in her early 20s, white wine started to taste quite nice.

Then, when a quarter of a century was reached, the foods which Traveller now enjoyed seemed to become a much longer list: she now loved stinky cheese {the bluer the better}, red wine is her drink of choice, all seafood is now savoured - including those creatures with more legs than T can count and the list goes on. She even, now this is serious news to T's friends who know her well, ate an olive this week without gagging! Progress!

Now, the only real food that's on Traveller's 'avoid at all cost' list is canned tuna. Frankly, she doesn't mind too much if she never quite develops the taste buds for that one. The stuff really stinks {and not in a good, blue-veined cheese, kind of way}!

Anyone agree with Traveller? What food do you enjoy that you used to loathe?

T is looking forward to hearing your stories.

Oh, and if liking these things means that T is old... than she doesn't want to be young.


Kaley said...

Definitely, definitely red wine. I suppose dark chocolate too, but I liked that as early as age 15, I'm sure of it.

the southern hostess said...

So true! I couldn't stand dark chocolate as a kid. I'd only eat milk chocolate, now it's the exact opposite.

Globetrotting Gamine said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I am lucky follower #50 :)

We have so much in common- come by and see! happy sunday wishes to you..

love me,
the globetrotting gamine


lila Braga said...

So true! I couldn't stand dark chocolate as a i just forced myself to loved it! does it makes any sense to you? me neither! :D
love your blog lots!!

Caroline said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE dark chocolate! And, just found your blog and I can't wait to catch up on your posts. XO!


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