Thursday, 27 August 2009

D'ya think the boys will mind?

So........ Traveller may have gotten a little carried away today.

Unbelievably, T's nine weeks of school holidays are almost over. So, she went into school today to fix up the classroom a little and get organised.

T teaches at an Independent boys' prep school in North London. A prep school is a school where children aged 4 - 13 years attend - in preparation for their secondary schools. The boys sit many important examinations in Form VI (Grade Eight) and this determines what kind of school they will attend from Grade Nine onwards. The boys work really hard and T genuinely enjoys working there.

Today, in a flight of fancy, Traveller decided to make all of the English display boards (in the school) pink! It sure makes her feel cheery, but she's not sure what the boys are going to think.
Hubbie has suggested that making pictures of robots and putting them up would have resulted in a more enthusiastic reaction.

Wisdom that came five hours too late.

What do the boy readers think? .... Pretty?

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