Thursday, 20 August 2009

Traveller has learned a thing or two...

This summer, it was Traveller's aim to learn a few things before school went back. Nothing too academic of course but, you know, things to get you by in life. One of the domestic skills T learnt was 'how to grow salad'. Impressive!

It was T's sister-in-law who inspired her. In her little North London backyard, she has managed to grow aubergines, tomatoes, herbs, apples, courgettes, salad, beetroot and carrots! She gave Traveller an old plastic box to get started (cause our garden is actually our balcony).

What T did to get started:

1. Put holes in the bottom of the plastic box with a screwdriver.
2. Purchased rocks for the bottom, organic soil, rocket & mixed salad seeds.
3. Put the rocks and soil into the box (in the amount required on the seed packet).
4. Watered the soil well.
5. Planted the rocket in a line, 3cm apart.
6. Planted the mixed leaves in a line (20cm width from the rocket), 3cm apart.
7. Covered the seeds with a little soil.
8. Voila!
And now, only 5 days later, there are already shoots coming through!

Truthfully, is T a nerd to be so excited? She seriously can't wait to eat home-grown salad!

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