Thursday, 6 August 2009

Traveller can't sleep.

It's 11:30pm and while that doesn't sound late, T would really like to go to sleep now. Please? For the last few days she has been battling some weird head cold and, as a result, had a late afternoon nap this afternoon. This type of behaviour is usually fine when one has a cold, but T is (hopefully) coming to the end of it, and as a result, apparently didn't need all the extra sleep.

While she was trying to sleep, T realised that it's only four weeks until school starts again. That means she has already had about five week's holiday! As Traveller started to think about school, the familiar classroom-anxiety set in.

T is not ready to become teacher again. But she has to be. She has to get ready. Ready for the year to come. There are units to plan, books to read, plays to find and a new interactive whiteboard (yay!) to become familiar with.

There is something really beautiful about teacher's holidays though, especially over the summer. You get to become you again. No need to think about reports, marking, lesson planning, production schedules, or costumes for the latest play - time to do whatever you want.

T had things that she really wanted to do over the holidays. Perhaps if she makes a list - they will happen?

Here goes...

1. Take a cooking class of some kind.
2. Learn something new.
3. Read at least 10 novels.
4. Plant some herbs or salad.
5.Visit the Imperial War Museum.
6. Go somewhere new in London. Each week.

Well, there's a start. Now here's to hoping her cold vanishes by the morning, so that T can get started!

Anyone have any ideas of what Traveller could learn? She is thinking of something in the line of photography, cooking, writing, teaching; ideas are welcome!

photo by flickr


a1291762 said...

If you want to learn photography, I would recommend _learning_ before _purchasing_. The things you need to create a great photograph do not include your camera (great photos have been made since the days when cameras virtually required engineering degrees to use).

I got a camera (DSLR) first but then I started reading Ken Rockwell and came to realize how little I actually knew about photography.

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Thanks for the advice - I'm off to the library today, so I'll try to pick up one of the books he recommends. Ta :)


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